Heartbleed - More than you think !

Heartbleed is more than a common virus, or just another bug out there, or hacker with nothing better to do.  STOP!   This one is a very serious and if not, the most exploit of hacking ever on the internet to date.  This affects about 95% of all users in the world. Why you may ask, well your ISP uses SSL.  Get in through SSL, your IN, period.

What does this mean ?
SSL is an important protocol for securing web traffic, a...


Social Media - What will it be Like?

Social media is currently an important part of every SEO strategy, playing an important role in helping business owners reach and engage their audience to generate more traffic and, consequently, grow their sales. Although we cannot accurately predict the future of social media, there are still some aspects that we cannot possibly mistaken, and one of them would be the increasing importance of social networks for businesses’ popularity and reputation. We have seen th...